METABUG - A Machine Fuzzing Company

We are building self-learning machines for vulnerability research.

Metabug brings together Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity to develop algorithms to find critical vulnerabilities in any software target.

"Our goal is to develop a technology of excellence and become a leader in cyber security."


Our offer

Vulnerability Discovery Service

This exclusive service will result in the discovery of 0-days vulnerabilities, and is available to a selected clientele, mostly governmental agencies.
The Metabug team locates vulnerabilities using various Fuzzing algorithms developed internally.
The use of Artificial Intelligence models allows the discovery of more complex and critical vulnerabilities than existing scripts.

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Machine Leaning Development Service

We design and develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms to meet your needs.

Many data are still underestimated by companies, but thanks to recent advances in AI, it is now possible to exploit this data efficiently and automatically.

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